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The information provided below will assist you in understanding what is involved in a vasectomy procedure.

What does a Vasectomy procedure entail?
How painful is a Vasectomy operation?
What should I do after a Vasectomy operation?
Are there any complications after a Vasectomy procedure?
Vasectomy Fees

What does a vasectomy entail?

Vasectomy is a relatively minor surgical procedure carried out usually under local anaesthetic in which the tubes from the testes are interrupted, so that sperm are not present on ejaculation.

Vasectomy involves minimal discomfort and usually involves only a pulling or squeezing sensation. Most patients are surprised at how little discomfort is felt.

 How painful is a vasectomy operation?

The procedure is generally undertaken under local anaesthetic whereby a small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into the skin and into the tube which is to be resected. This injection is performed with the smallest of needles and results in minimal discomfort for the patient.

The local anaesthetic works almost instantaneously and the procedure continues with a small puncture to the skin of the scrotum. The tube (or vas) is isolated, a small section of the tube is removed and the ends are sealed. Small skin wounds approx half a centimeter DO NOT require sutures resulting in quicker healing. The procedure usually takes about 20 minutes.

 What should I do after a vasectomy procedure?

When the local anaesthetic wears off, most men do experience some discomfort later in the day and may decide to take some Paracetamol. 

Wear supportive briefs for a week or so
Relax with your feet up
Take paracetamol (not aspirin) if you experience pain
After 48 hours have a bath or shower and soak off the dressing
Avoid sporting activities for a week or so, cycling etc for 2 weeks
You may resume sexual activity as soon as you feel comfortable but it is advisable to wait 48 - 72 hours

Possible Complications

 General Healing:

While the skin wound is very small , it will usually take 2 - 7 days to heal , you may experience a little swelling and bruising. This is usually normal and no cause for concern.

 Infection: The risk of superficial infection of the wounds as can occur in any case where the skin is broken , can be minimised by continueing to dress the wounds for a week.
 Bleeding: Occasionally a small vein will ooze blood after the wound is closed, and a lump of blood develops ,which may be uncomfortable. If larger than 2cm , or if it continues to be uncomfortable after 14 days , you will be advised to contact the clinic , or text a message to Dr O'Brien.

 Vasectomy Fees

At the Vasectomy Clinic, our all inclusive fee covers the following:

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